Injury recovery

I’m back to running. I’m not sure if I’ll streak again. I’ve been taking days off just to make sure that the leg is getting full recovery after runs. 3 miles is my long so far. I get to do four tomorrow. I sure do miss running. 


Injury Progress

Well. I had to officially break my run streak. I got up to 247 days. I was just doing one mile a day but even that one mile would make my gracilis pulse with pain. Very disappointing. I did not run Saturday, ran one mile Sunday but only because I was in North Carolina and it was 24 degrees and I really wanted to use my cold weather gear. Did not run Monday. Ran 1/2 a mile yesterday. After the run, had some pain but was MUCH reduced. No pain at all during the run.

I’m sad.


Today’s run is a textbook example of why I wanted to be a Nuun ambassador.

I hydrated poorly yesterday, drinking about 48oz of water, then had an alcoholic beverage, did not drink water with it, woke up this morning and had coffee, no water. I went for my run about 11:30 not having had any water since about 6PM the night before.

Now, normally I’d drink a 16oz bottle of Nuun infused water about an hour before I went out for my run. I don’t know what was going through my head today when I didn’t do that. It only takes 30 minutes to dehydrate and 36 hours to recover from being dehydrated.

As you can imagine, my run today, after not hydrating, was not fun. The first two miles felt pretty good, but I totally crashed at about 2.1 miles and every step after that was me telling myself, “Only 5 more miles, only 4 1/2 more miles, only 4 1/4 more miles….” You get the picture.

The moral of the story is, people, drink water and make sure some of your water contains electrolytes, like Nuun, so your body absorbs water properly.

A Day Off

Not of running.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I’m 28.

Er…38. 38. That’s what I mean. Sheesh.

Anyway, because it’s my birthday tomorrow and it’s going to be hard for me to check out when I have to get 5 girls and a squirming boy ready to go to church, I get to take the day off today.

My plan is to go to the mall and shop for a couple things and then go to a local trail and do today’s 3 miles on a trail. I am so excited about this, especially since I get to wear my Skoras for the entire run. My Asics aren’t really a trail running shoe, to say the least.

My Glutes Aren’t Firing

And that’s not suppose to sound dirty so get your minds out of the gutter people.

I have read a lot of articles, or at least their headline, heh, about using one’s butt muscles when running. I have watched my legs morph over the last two years into lean, mean, muscle-bound, running machines. I have great legs, if I do say so myself. Ahem.

My glutes have not undergone such a glorious transformation. The glutes remain a bit saggy and uh…weak. Wow, who knew this would be such a touchy subject.


One of the things I’ve read is that very often knee pain and hamstring pain can be an indicator of weak glutes. I’ve often had slight pain in my left hamstring and knee pain, but only when walking up and down stairs. These pains never inhibit me from running, but I worry about them becoming more problematic if I don’t figure out how to quiet them.

I asked some of my online running friends and of course, the best suggestion is from Kinetic Revolution. I plan to do most of the exercises laid out in this post every other day. I did it on Wednesday and my glutes were killin’ me yesterday. It was good because I could feel them while I was running and that made it easier to know I’m using them.